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After Adam Schiff’s Impeachment Crumbles – Incoming IG Report Sends Democrats Scrambling

His big gamble fell apart – now Washington is bracing for impact!

Despite the left’s best efforts, Trump is clearly weathering impeachment, at least in the polls.

Schiff is signaling that, regardless of what they find, his party will go-ahead for a very partisan impeachment vote.

We know that a vote to impeach Trump will fall along party lines. Such a drastic move by Democrats will jeopardize their chances at winning any seat in 2020.

But now a new moment is on the horizon: the release of the IG’s report on FISA abuse.

We are only days away from knowing what the IG learned in his investigation. The media is already trying to spin it.

But that’s not changing the fact that Democrats are getting nervous.

From Washington Examiner:

Democrats are getting antsy with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

Ahead of next month’s release of a report on the Russia investigation that is eagerly anticipated by Republicans, Democrats are asking why Horowitz has not taken up their requests to assess the conduct of President Trump’s attorneys general over the past couple years.

Democrats are freaking out about what IG Horowitz will unveil when his report comes out in December.

They have accused the IG of ignoring their requests for the IG to investigate the Trump administration.

But Horowitz has made it clear that he’s only investigating cases with merit. Everything that the Democrats have thrown his way has not interested him.

What has? The way Obama’s FBI conducted itself when they were filing for warrants from the FISA court.

Many patriots agree that the FBI was no totally honest when they acquired a warrant to spy on Trump staffer, Carter Page.

The IG was tasked to investigate this matter. Some in the media say his report won’t hold any higher-ups accountable.

Something tells me that’s not the case. Obama’s FBI and DOJ were up to something when they tried to use their “Russian investigation” as an excuse to pry into Trump’s campaign.

There is a good reason to believe the IG uncovered something damaging. And the left is already in a tailspin over it.

Be sure that this is only the beginning. Barr’s bulldog is still conducting his criminal investigation into the left’s whole sticky web.

The IG could be the beginning of a major downfall—for Democrats.

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1 Comment

  1. J Duane Robinson

    March 18, 2020 at 11:07 pm

    Facebook refuses to post any of your articles you are promoting tonight…

    I wonder why?

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