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Trump Has Insubordinate Leader Fired – He Got Caught Trying To Blackmail Donald, Force His Hand

That’s what happens when you try to undermine the President!

Donald Trump is the President and Head of the Armed Forces. And he just let everyone know that he will not tolerate anyone who defies him.

He will boot them out, immediately.

For two weeks, the Democrats trotted out witnesses for their impeachment charade. These career government officials thought they knew better than Trump. They tried to use their influence and connections to undermine the authority of the president.

And it seems they failed spectacularly.

It looks like one of the military’s top brass tried to do the same. According to reports, he tried to force Trump’s hand.

But Trump called his bluff.

From Breitbart:

“Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper has asked for the resignation of Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer after losing trust and confidence in him regarding his lack of candor over conversations with the White House involving the handling of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher,” the Pentagon’s chief spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said in a statement Sunday.

It looks like Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer tried to go around the military to get the president to do what he wanted.

According to some, what he talked about with the White House amounted to blackmail. He was trying to pressure the president so he wouldn’t interfere with proceedings against Navy SEAL Gallagher.

But what Spence appears to have said contradicted his public stance. Plus, he did not disclose to his superior that he spoke with the White House.

Esper was “deeply troubled by this conduct.” I’d say so. The Secretary of the Navy tried to go directly to the president to get what he wanted.

He broke rank, defied the Secretary of Defense. And some say he was trying to blackmail the president.

Not great, folks.

Looks like the Democrats set a bad example for the rest of D.C. They seemed to have convinced government officials and the military that they can break established rules and go rogue, and they’ll be no consequences!

Sorry, but that’s far from true. Spencer is learning the hard way that you can defy your responsibilities and get away with it.

And Democrats are going to learn that too, when they lose massively in 2020.

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