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Joe Biden’s Town Hall Comes Crashing Down – He Snaps At Liberal Protester: “Then You Should Vote For Trump”

Biden just lost it – and they caught it on video!

Poor Joe. Looks like this ill-fated presidential campaign is unraveling around him.

Even though he’s leading in many primary polls, something tells me he won’t be around much longer.

There are plenty of reasons to worry about this man’s viability. Between his son, Hunter, his gaffes, and his “teeth,” he’s got plenty of problems.

But there’s another dark spot on Joe’s record—his temper. He’s lost his cool, grabbed female reporters, or refused to answer.

And it looks like his temper is to blame for a major snap that will probably haunt him for the rest of his (short?) campaign.

From Fox News:

Biden seemed to lose his cool when Carlos Rojas, an immigration activist with a group called Cosecha Movement, pointed out that more […] immigrants were deported during Obama’s first two years as president than during Trump’s…

“You should vote for Trump. You should vote for Trump,” Biden retorted, turning away from the man.

Uh-oh! Don’t poke the wasp nest over that issue, Carlos!

An immigration activist wanted to know why Joe Biden sat back as VP, when Barack Obama deported millions of people.

In fact, Obama deported more people in his first two years, than Trump! I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth.

Trump has been laser-focused on defending our country from criminals and terrorists. It seems like Obama was the one “separating families” and ruining lives.

Biden, as his typical, refused to answer just a simple, and revealing question. As he’s done so many times before, he got upset and gave a flippant remark.

I mean, doesn’t this person deserve an answer, Mr. Biden? Facts don’t lie, and Obama deported more people than Trump has so far.

Telling a person to “vote for Trump,” is just a jerk response. It shows that Biden can’t or won’t tackle the tough questions.

How is he supposed to behave as president, when he’s faced with tough problems on a daily basis?

Is he going to be that rude to his staff? To our allies overseas? During key negotiations?

There’s one way to make sure we’ll never find out: keeping Trump in the White House.

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