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After Trump Demands Senate Impeachment Trial – He Releases List Of 3 Witnesses He Wants

Democrats didn’t think Donald would dare – but now we know what he’s up to!

After a month or more of swamp drama, Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearings have come to an end.

You—and many others—might be convinced that Democrats could not produce a shred of evidence to prove Trump broke the law.

Smart House Democrats are probably wondering if they should just shelve this entire mess. Avoid the backlash that might be coming, if they impeach Trump over this charade.

That might be what Adam Schiff is thinking right about now. That’s definitely what Pelosi is mulling.

But guess who is in favor of impeachment moving forward? Donald Trump.

And he explained exactly why this morning.

From Fox News:

President Trump, during a wide-ranging interview Friday morning with “Fox & Friends,” called for a Senate trial should the House impeach him and pressed for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the whistleblower and others to be called as witnesses…

He stressed that Senate trial would provide the opportunity to call other witnesses — including Hunter Biden, whose dealings in Ukraine were at the heart of what he wanted investigated out of Kiev, and especially Schiff.

Boom! If the House moves to impeachment Trump, the case goes to the Senate. A real trial will be held, then. And you better believe Republicans will finally have their say.

You know that Schiff refused to let House Republicans have any input in his impeachment hearings.

He interrupted them during questioning, even prevented them from speaking. Talk about a sham.

But if impeachment moves to the Senate, Republicans are in the driver’s seat. President Trump will be able to mount a defense.

And Republicans will be able to question anyone they like. And Trump declared the three people he wants to grill first.

Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, and the whistleblower.

Oh boy! You know the fur’s going to fly if that happens. Schiff claimed to have had no prior contact with the whistleblower. But news came out that his office did, in fact, communicate with this person.

Even to the end of his hearings, Schiff claims to have not even know who the whistleblower was. That’s pretty hard to believe. Trump is demanding Schiff answer for his claims.

He also wants Hunter Biden to explain the nature of his business with Ukraine. Perhaps Trump wants to find out why Joe Biden was so keen on getting a man fired—who was investigating Hunter’s company.

And then there’s a whistleblower. This mystery person is the one who started it all. We know his complaint—which Pelosi used to justify this impeachment—was riddled with errors and inconsistencies.

He only had second-hand knowledge of the phone call. Yet Democrats used his complaint to plunge this country into chaos.

You better believe this man is going to answer for himself.

But all this will only happen if Democrats in the House vote to impeach. If they were smart, they won’t. They’ll drop impeachment to avoid this trial.

I guess we’ll see if they have any brains left at all.

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