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Ken Starr Pulls Back Curtain On Impeachment – Tells Democrats That Unlike Nixon, There Is “No Hope”

The impeachment expert just swung their closet wide open!

Ken Starr was the man who led Clinton’s impeachment investigation back in the 90s. And he’s appeared in public for the first time in 20 years to comment on the left’s attacks on Donald Trump.

If there was ever a person who knows about impeachment, it’s Starr. The media attacked him mercilessly back then—trying to protect Clinton.

But Starr did his job—and uncovered the facts.

Today, he’s watching the Democrats’ pathetic attempt to take down our president. He has been following the events and yesterday’s first public hearing.

He weighed in on what has been discussed and has his verdict. It will make, Pelosi, Schiff, and the rest very upset.

From Twitter:

“Ken Starr: “no hope for impeachment” and “no crime was proven today”

There you have it. The man who led the country’s last impeachment investigation announced that no crime was proven today.

In fact, he said there was no hope for impeachment.

Ken Starr is just stating what he sees to be the bare facts. Nothing Trump has done constitutes an impeachable offense.

Nothing he did even comes close to a crime. In fact, Trump was doing the right thing when he spoke with Ukraine’s president.

Patriots shouldn’t be surprised at that. We’ve known from the start that this impeachment was a sham.

Democrats have been relying on the news media to hype up the whistleblower’s complaint.

The actual evidence from the transcript seems to show Trump did nothing wrong. Democrats are pushing this impeachment because they don’t want Donald Trump to win in 2020.

It’s not as if any of their candidates stand a chance against him!

When Starr is saying there is no hope, these liberals should listen. If they were smart, they would end this sham right now—just to save themselves from embarrassment.

But something tells me they aren’t smart. They are going to continue to push this circus. It won’t hurt Trump, though, only themselves.

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