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Federal Court Drops Constitution On Democrats – Reverses Florida Decision That Stopped Football Game Prayer

Democrats thought they had a slam-dunk case – now they’re triggered!

It’s no secret that our Constitutional rights are daily under fire. If we don’t stand up for our values, they will be taken away from us.

That’s especially true of our First Amendment Rights. There are people across this country that seek to erode both your freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

It’s funny how these groups always attack Americans who hold to traditional values and faith. They never go after liberals or minority religions. Odd.

Recently, a court forbade two Christian schools from praying before a football game. It was a shocking violation of their rights as Americans.

The good news is, a federal appeals court shut them down.

From Fox News:

A federal appeals court has reversed a decision that barred two Christian schools in Florida from praying over a loudspeaker before a state championship football game…

“The lower court was too quick to pull the trigger insofar as it dismissed the [Cambridge Christian’s] free speech and free exercise [of religion] claims,” the 70-page appeals court decision said Wednesday.

The Eleventh Circuit court of appeals reversed a lower court’s decision to ban prayer from this football game.

The two schools wanted to simply offer a joint prayer before a game. What’s so wrong about that? Both schools were Christian. Many of those in attendance were Christian.

How is it a crime to prevent Americans from exercising their most important right?

Yet this lower court thought they had the power to forbid Americans from their First Amendment freedoms.

That’s scary, folks. For ages, our institutions have opened meetings, games, and events with prayer.

Prayer and faith are cornerstones of our society and traditions. For a court to ban Christian schools (not public schools) from prayer is unacceptable.

Thankfully, the appeals court actually cares about our rights. They rebuked the lower court for so quickly dismissing these schools’ rights.

But what next? What will power-hungry people try to do to strip us of our rights?

The fight is far from over. We have to stand up for what we believe.

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