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After Fired Ambassador Takes Schiff Stand – Trump Crashes Impeachment Hearing, Makes Her ‘Sad’

They thought they locked Donald out – but he wrecked Schiff’s plans!

As we learn that President Trump did nothing impeachable, the Democrats are getting desperate.

Nothing about his phone call with Ukraine proves he tried to pressure the country.

Which is why, now, Schiff and the Democrats are scrambling to come up with something new.

First, Pelosi floated the idea that Trump committed bribery. Obvious, with no evidence.

That doesn’t seem to be sticking, so Schiff pulled another bogus scheme out of his pocket. He read out tweets.

That’s right, he read tweets Trump recently made, claiming they are a form of witness intimidation.

From AP News:

Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch says President Donald Trump’s tweets about her during her testimony in the impeachment hearings are “very intimidating” to her and other witnesses.

Trump tweeted about Yovanovitch as she was answering questions from lawmakers, noting that she’d once served in Somalia and adding, “How did that go?” He tweeted: “Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad.”

The Democrats don’t have anything on Trump. Near as I can tell, you can’t impeach a president over tweets.

Schiff, getting desperate, claimed Trump’s tweets criticizing Yovanovitch’s performance as a diplomat are a form of witness intimidation.

Except, she wouldn’t have been able to know about those tweets, unless Schiff had read them out during the hearing!

It’s clear President Trump wasn’t happy with Yovanovitch. Reports suggest she is yet another Washington insider.

Her testimony today proves she was not loyal to the administration and is just looking to protect her reputation (like all D.C. insiders).

The president had every right to fire her. If he wanted to discuss her performance online, how is that a crime?

What was really inappropriate was Schiff’s reading of those tweets to Yovanovitch as she was testifying. So whose really trying to intimidate her?

Last time I checked, you can’t remove a person from office for making someone sad. If that were the case, every last swamp dweller would have been ejected by now.

The bottom line, Democrats are losing it. Yovanovitch had nothing to prove Trump did anything wrong.

And to distract from that fact, Schiff pulls this pathetic move.

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