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Rick Perry Steps Up To Impeachment Plate – Then He Denies Adam Schiff His ‘Star Chamber’ Demand

Texas Rick just turned the tables on Pencil Neck Schiff!

Rick Perry played a key role in Trump’s relationship with Ukraine. Naturally, Pencil Neck Adam Schiff has been eager to get him to testify.

It seems like Schiff has very little dirt to use against Trump. So, he’s hoping to pressure anyone within the administration (or past staff) into turning on the president.

We already know Schiff’s got nothing. Trump did nothing wrong, nor can the left prove otherwise.

But he—and the rest of his swamp rats—think that Trump’s allies will turn traitor to save their own skins.

Too bad Rick Perry refuses to cooperate with them!

From The Federalist Papers:

Top Trump administration officials are expected to be no-shows on Wednesday for the impeachment inquiry by congressional Democrats, who will continue to release more transcripts of the testimony they have already gathered…

Two officials on Wednesday’s witness list are sure to be no-shows. Energy Secretary Rick Perry, one of the “Three Amigos” tasked by the White House to set up a back channel to Ukraine, and Russell Vought, the acting White House budget chief, have already said they won’t appear.

Rick Perry has already made it clear that he will not comply with the left’s bogus impeachment inquiry.

The left are like sharks seeking blood in the water. No, scratch that metaphor, that makes them look too cool.

They are like rats, scurrying around in the dark, searching for crumbs.

We already have the transcript of the call between Trump and Ukraine. He didn’t say a single thing to suggest a crime.

What is Schiff trying to do? To get someone, anyone, close to Trump to say he tried to pressure Ukraine.

No hard evidence has been presented. But if enough people say it, Schiff can get the liberal media to spread it as true.

That would give them enough reason to vote against Trump in the House. He might even hope he could pressure the Senate to vote against Trump as well.

But Schiff is dreaming. Trump’s allies refuse to comply with these House subpoenas. Perry refuses to give in and give them what they want.

All Schiff has are a few testimonies from anti-Trump swamp dwellers lacking real evidence. He’s not going to get anything more.

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