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Adam Schiff Threatens to Charge Trump With New Impeachable Offense

Congressman Adam Schiff threatened to charge President Trump with a new “impeachable offense” on Sunday.

Schiff threatened to add the new “impeachable offense” of obstruction of justice to the charges against President Trump.

Rep. Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeted:

The president continues to target public servants, including those who have served their country in combat, with baseless attacks.

Efforts to intimidate or threaten witnesses will further build the case for obstruction, itself an impeachable offense.

This is not the first time Democrats have threatened to impeach President Trump for Obstruction. They used the same threat multiple times during the Mueller probe when he would speak out against the investigation.

Democrats never moved forward with obstruction as an impeachable offense before, but Schiff’s declaration may signal a shift in their strategy.

Interestingly, Schiff’s declaration was almost perfectly timed with the release of this graphic from MSNBC which they aired on Sunday.

Despite the fact that the United States House of Representatives technically does not need any crime to impeach and remove a president from office, the threat to focus their impeachment on obstruction may be viewed as a weakening of their case by the Trump administration.

Currently, Adam Schiff is working to prove that President Trump abused his position for political gain by withholding military aid from Ukraine unless they agreed to investigate corruption linked to Hunter Biden’s Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, the best they have to go off of currently is a mix of Never-Trump DC insiders and a second-hand whistleblower report written by a registered Democrat CIA agent with connections to at least 1 candidate opposing Trump, according to the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

It is likely that switching the focus of the case from abuse of power to either obstruction of justice or contempt of Congress at this point would hurt Democrats in the upcoming 2020 elections.

When President Bill Clinton was impeached by Republicans in the 90’s for lying under oath, it was Republicans who paid the political price for the failed removal in the upcoming elections. While Americans disagreed with Clinton’s personal choices, they did not believe it was enough to justify his removal from office.

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