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Nancy Pelosi Loses It On Live TV – Waves Finger, Yells At Reporters, Says Impeachment Rules Are Fairer Than Ever

Nancy just lost it again – looks like this is the worst one yet!

We all know Pelosi is dangerously close to being unfit for her job. This year, she has shown what a lack of leadership ability she truly has.

She let the far-left members of the House run the show. She backed down and let impeachment Democrats push an unfair impeachment inquiry.

Even Trump said she has lost her mind.

Everyone scratched their heads when she turned on her previous stance to support impeachment.

For once, reporters did their job to question the fairness of the inquiry. And boy, did she lose it.

From The Federalist Papers:

Waving her finger at reporters in a childlike tantrum the Speaker insisted that the Democrats were being fair to President Donald Trump…

“These rules are fairer than anything that have gone before in terms of an impeachment proceeding, she said, her finger waving.

“I’m not here to answer any questions about what the Republicans say,” she said before the partisan vote.

Wow. Talk about a breakdown. When reporters asked Pelosi if her party’s handling of the ridiculous impeachment push was fair, she threw a tantrum like a child.

She wagged her finger at them, insisting this bogus and unprecedently unfair impeachment inquiry was “fairer than anything” that has gone on before.

Um… not even close, Nance.

First of all, the Democrats are keeping the identity of the whistleblower secret. Never in the history of our justice system has an accuser not faced the accused openly.Democrats continue to hide what is going on in these hearings. They deny not only the American people our right to know, but forbid Trump from building his own defense.

They are treating him guilty until proven innocent, a violation of our values as a country.

Even when Pelosi put forward a vote to formalize the inquiry, she denied Republicans basic freedoms—giving Democrats the upper hand.

Nothing about this impeachment push is fair. Yet this doddering woman has the gall to lecture reporters about fairness and rules.

It’s an insult to every American who demands transparency and honesty.

I guess Pelosi thought the Spanish Inquisition was fair, too.

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