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Days After Omar Files For Divorce – New FEC Evidence Suggests Ilhan’s Boyfriend Is Getting Big Dividends

Lots of questions and possible scandals continue to haunt Ilhan Omar.

One of our most controversial political figures, Omar has faced numerous accusations in recent months.

Her latest issue is her alleged affair, which may have contributed to her filing for divorce.

And now, the man she was apparently seeing behind her husband’s back is getting big dividends … in the form of Omar’s campaign money!

Yes, it seems her new boyfriend, Democrat consultant Tim Mynett, is raking in big bucks thanks to Omar’s political campaign.

Isn’t this the textbook definition of “unethical”?

From The Daily Caller:

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s political campaign ramped up its spending to a firm owned by the man she’s alleged to be having an extramarital affair with in the third quarter of 2019, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records.

Omar was accused of funneling money to Mynett several months ago, which kicked off the FEC investigation.

And now it seems the evidence is clear: Omar’s campaign gave $146,713 to Mynett’s E Street Group LLC.

But that’s just this past summer.

Overall, a grand total of $223,000 went to Mynett’s firm since August 2018!

Don’t forget that Mynett is also getting a divorce (what a coincidence!), and he’s been spending more time with Omar lately.

That’s what Mynett’s ex-wife alleged in her divorce filing, that Mynett’s “long work hours” seemed to be related to his affair with Omar.

Guess those long hours also included big paydays thanks to Ilhan’s fundraising!

The FEC might just have a field day with this one:

A congresswoman sending a big chunk of her fundraising profits to her boyfriend’s company? If 100% true, that would be a major ethics violation.

Can we really trust an elected official with so many questions and controversies? I don’t think we can!

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