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NY Times Just Turned On Joe Biden – Releases Dirt From ‘Clinton Cash’ Author, Now Joe Is Sweating

Biden’s campaign loses it – Joe can’t believe they would betray him!

The New York Times is a left-wing publication that back liberals. But apparently, that doesn’t include Joe Biden!

It seems their editors are watching the impeachment tide turn from Trump to Joe. Naturally, they are riding that wave, hoping it will crash down on Biden—dooming his chances at being elected.

Defying the former vice president, they published an article that exposes what he did during his time in office.

And Joe’s people were none too pleased with it.

From Fox News:

The deputy manager of Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign slammed The New York Times on Wednesday in a letter to the newspaper’s executive editor — blasting the paper’s coverage of the former vice president’s involvement in Ukraine…

In his article, Schweizer asserts Biden was “self-dealing” in Ukraine while vice president.

“Congress can and should conduct an inquiry to determine whether anything illegal occurred,” Schweizer writes.

Wow. The New York Times published a story by “Clinton Cash” writer—known for writing about the Clintons’ dirty past.

In this article, he calls out Biden’s efforts to manipulate Ukraine, saying he was “self-dealing.” Ah, yeah!

That’s what it looks like – and what the media has been avoiding talking about. Until now.

Biden pressured the country to fire a man investigating his son’s company. A company, we are learning, that Biden has been accused of taking $900,000 from.

Just an accusation, but one worth investigating.

Schweizer even called on Congress to conduct an inquiry to expose what Biden was up to.

They had the gall to write a nasty letter to the Times, demanding that they stop publishing factual articles that hurt their reputation.

Biden’s campaign is clearly panicking.

It’s pretty hilarious. Biden—like so many other Democrats—just expected a paper like the Times to ignore real facts that damage him.

As if it was just assumed the New York Times would bow to every last liberal in the country!

Talk about arrogance!

But the New York Times might be doing this because their leaders are backing another 2020 candidate.

Maybe they’re all on board with Elizabeth Warren and are doing what they can to derail Biden. Wouldn’t be the first time liberals turned on each other.

The bottom line? Biden expected special treatment from a newspaper because of its liberal reputation. When he didn’t get it, he tried to blast them.

Which shows you everything you need to know about the Democrat.

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