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Jim Jordan Pulls Mask Off Impeachment – Reveals Schiff’s Plan To Rig The Investigation And The Election

Adam thought he could get away with it – here comes Jordan!

Something clearly fishy is going on inside Capitol Hill. Impeachment hearings are being held behind closed doors.

Even if it’s obstruction of an out-of-control investigation.

The good news is there is at least one sane man in D.C., Jim Jordan, who’s calling out Schiff’s scheme.

From Twitter:

“This isn’t impeachment. This is a political campaign. Democrats know they won’t win a REAL campaign, so they are:

-Abusing House procedures

-Selectively leaking information

-Hiding the truth from the American people

They’re just making the rules up as they go along.”

Jim Jordan exposed the House Democrats’ intentions for their “impeachment” push.

This doesn’t look like a normal impeachment process. That would require support from the entire House. Investigations and hearings would be in the open.

Evidence and important information would be known to all, as it has been in past impeachments.

Instead, Schiff and his committee are holding closed-door meetings. They refuse to reveal the full transcripts of hearings.

We get selective leaks that further distort the facts and narrative.

They are even saying they might exclude Republican House members to prevent leaks to Trump.

The American people are kept in the dark as Democrats go deeper and deper.

What is this really? Looks like an attempt to hurt Trump’s credibility enough so he has no chance in 2020.

Jordan is right when he says Democrats won’t win a real campaign against Trump. Look at all the 2020 candidates. We started with over twenty. Now they’re dropping like flies.

Now the ones left standing are a motley crew of liberals who promise massive government takeovers and embrace socialism.

I doubt any one of them could beat Trump in a fair fight. So, their allies in the House are working overtime to help with this impeachment charade.

But despite their best efforts, I have a feeling they are still going to fail. Why? Because I know you won’t let them get away with it.

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