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United Nations Admits It’s In Deep Trouble – Looks Like Trump Was Right, UN Will Close Its Doors If Member States Don’t Pay Up

Donald said it would happen – the United Nations is getting what it deserves!


It’s no secret that few Americans are happy with the U.N. This organization once dedicated to peace and prosperity has become a breeding ground for globalist and corruption.

Rarely does it accomplish anything substantial. Committees dedicated to protecting human rights and civil liberties are run by countries like Iran.

The U.N. sits by as member nations pressure Israel, the only Jewish state and true democracy in the Middle East.

President Trump has put the screws on the U.N.—slashing what we give it to cover other countries. He, like us, has grown tired of the group.

Now, the U.N. is in dire straights, and what Trump said is coming to pass.

From Fox News:

The United Nations is facing its worst cash crisis in nearly a decade and is warning that it may be unable to pay its bills by the end of the month, while urging member states to pay their contributions to the world body immediately…

President Trump echoed this sentiment on Wednesday morning:

How funny! The United States cuts back on the hundreds of millions we give to the United Nations.

Now, suddenly, the group is running out of money!

Interesting how that works. Over the last few years, Trump has pulled the United States out of key U.N. groups. He’s also cut back on how much money we dish out to this globalist org.

Seems like the other member nations weren’t willing to pick up the slack. Now, the group is almost out of money.

It’s almost as if, we were the only ones paying our fair share!

This is nothing new. European nations sit back and enjoy the massive amounts of money America spends on their own defense.

Only when Trump became president did we demand other NATO allies chip in.

Think about this: the United Nations has 193 member states. Yet the U.S. pays 22 PERCENT of its budget.

Really!? Can’t a few of those rich, European nations chip in a bit more? What about China—a communist regime that has become rich thanks to globalist outsourcing of American jobs?

Why aren’t those countries paying more?

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