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‘Quid Pro Joe’ Should Be Getting Nervous – Biden’s Donors Just Called An Urgent Meeting

Joe Biden was once the clear favorite on the Democrat campaign trail.

But no more.

After a couple poor showings at the debates, and several potential scandals that have embroiled the Biden family, “Quid Pro Joe” is in trouble.

And now it looks like his campaign has major financial difficulties as well.

Might this be the end of Biden’s 2020 bid? Is it over before we even get to 2020?

From Breitbart:

Joe Biden’s top political donors gathered for an emergency closed-door meeting this weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as his campaign falls behind rivals in both funds and polling.

The New York Times first reported the event, saying Biden rallied the donors for 45 minutes.

Strangely enough, it was a closed-door meeting … and the press wasn’t allowed in.

What I would give to be a fly on the wall!

Picture this: Biden sinking in the polls…his top donors gather behind closed doors…

They were probably roasting Joe from all sides!

I imagine there were dozens of the richest people in America angry and in disbelief as Joe continues to tumble in the polls. Joe begging them to give him millions more so he can stay in the race.

After all, with his son Hunter’s ongoing issue with the Ukraine, and competitor Elizabeth Warren’s late surge, Biden has every reason to be seriously nervous.

It’s no surprise to see his campaign finances slipping. Biden’s popularity has tumbled in recent months and he’s in serious panic-mode.

And when your popularity tumbles, your financial position does as well. That’s just politics.

At this point, one wonders if Biden will even raise enough money to continue his presidential quest.

And on the flip side, Trump just keeps raking in the donations at a record pace!

Good news for us, don’t you think?

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