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House Leader McCarthy Defies Pelosi – Demands Nancy’s ‘Reckless’ Impeachment Hunt Suspended

The House’s top Republican just gave Nancy a major wake-up call… ouch!

It seems like Democrats will stop at nothing to get what they want. They are determined to push impeachment, no matter the cost.

They are acting like bullies to get their way. They demand witnesses show up and give them dirt on Trump, or they’ll go after them for obstruction.

They’ve even admitted they are rushing this process through (it seems before Americans can figure out what’s really going on).

Now, the Republican House Minority Leader is trying to shut down Pelosi’s little charade.

From Fox News:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., sent a letter on Thursday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., calling on her to suspend the impeachment inquiry into President Trump until “equitable rules and procedures” are set up…

“Unfortunately, you have given no clear indication as to how your impeachment inquiry will proceed – including whether key historical precedents or basic standards of due process will be observed,” McCarthy said in his letter.

McCarthy calls out House Democrats for forcing this process through and neglecting long-standing procedures.

They are ignoring historical precedent and basic standards of how our government operates.

There’s good reason for that. It looks like Democrats got nothing on Trump! They are trying to ram this through Congress before they lose momentum.

McCarthy is demanding Pelosi to suspend this inquiry until they actually agree on how all this is supposed to happen.

Keep in mind, the House has NOT voted for an impeachment inquiry on Trump yet. Pelosi did not let the entire body weigh in on this crucial matter.

She just pushed ahead, giving the job to one of her own party members. Clearly, she doesn’t want the entire House to be involved.

So much for democracy.

McCarthy has had enough of this nonsense and is bring the case to Pelosi.

She has to respond to this, or else be seen as a reckless leader, with no concern for our government.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Wylene Taylor

    October 20, 2019 at 1:12 pm

    THIS EVIL WOMAN MUST BE STOPPED!!! Her hate for TRUMP takes precedent over GOVERNING OUR NATION! She has wasted the past 3 years devoted ONLY to her hate and WITCH HUNT…trying desperately, and failing at EVERY turn, to find AND/OR MAKE dirt on President Trump! What about the rest of our Nation? Why are we paying her, and her cohorts to GOVERN, when she’s using valuable time and MONEY trying to get rid of the best President this Nation has EVER had since GEORGE WASHINGTON!! Has she forgotten what her role in Governing our Nation is SUPPOSED to be? HOW LONG WILL SHE BE ENDURED? HOW MUCH OF OUR/US MONEY AND TIME WILL SHE BE ALLOWED TO WASTE? IS EVERYONE IN WASHINGTON AFRAID OF HER???? SURE SEEMS THAT WAY!!! THANK YOU LEADER MCCARTHY!!

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