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Trump ‘Effectively Cleared’ Of Impeachment – Senator Shows Evidence From 6 Months Ago That Explains U.S. Delay In Aid

Turns out the evidence needed to clear Donald was sitting right there, in plain sight!

Democrats are pushing an impeachment inquiry by saying Trump withheld funds from Ukraine to get Biden dirt—well, turns out that claim was debunked months ago.

It’s true, President Trump delayed military aid to Ukraine meant to combat Russia’s growing aggression.

Pelosi and the left want you to believe it was to force Ukraine to help him get dirt on Biden. Despite any evidence to prove that.

A Republican senator, Jim Inhofe, explained what really happened—way back in April.

He explained very clearly in an op-ed why Trump would delay (not outright withhold) funding to Ukraine.

Inhofe wrote in Politico:

Of course, the response of the free world to Putin’s aggression is not the responsibility of the United States alone. Canada, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom have been providing security resources to Ukraine. We need more allies and partners to step up with action rather than talk.

Hmmm… how interesting. It seems, as Inhofe explains, that Trump’s intentions to withhold military funding was simply to encourage our allies to contribute their fair share.

But what did many Democrats say? That Trump made this excuse up on the spot when the fund delay became public. Turns out, it’s been public for 6 months that the U.S. wanted other countries to pay their fair share.

NATO nations have sat back as America paid the lion’s share of funds. Much of Europe is kept safe because we pay for it.

(That’s also why they can afford things like universal healthcare—they have few military expenses!)

President Trump has for years required our allies to contribute what they should keep their countries and neighbors safe.

It’s only fair, right?

Why should U.S. taxpayers flip the bill for Ukraine—or anyone else’s—expenses?

That was the smart thing for Trump to do. Yet the Democrats have twisted that very reasonable measure into making it seem like a threat.

(That’s because that is what they would have done—as Joe Biden admitted openly again and again.)

Ukraine is our ally and Trump had no intention of denying them aid. In fact, he reversed his decision very quickly, after considering his options.

Not once did we see or hear any evidence that he was trying to hold aid hostage. As Biden did.

Democrats though, ignore this very reasonable information to frame Trump. Their entire impeachment push is built around this allegation—and Inhofe’s comments from months ago show Trump had good reason to delay funding.

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