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Will Trump Be Re-Elected – Or Impeached? Major Poll Gives Donald A 3-1 Shot

Americans weighed in with Rasmussen – Democrats did not see this coming!

Democrats have wagered everything on impeaching President Trump.

Either Donald Trump gets impeached (and removed from office) or he will get re-elected, humiliating the Democrats once again.

The plain truth is, if Democrats fail at impeaching him now, they will lose their chance forever. The result will be Trump’s supporters catapulting him to victory in 2020.

Well, Rasmussen asked Americans what they think about all this. And guess what they said?

From Rasmussen Reports:

46% think it’s more likely that Trump will be reelected in 2020 than defeated by the Democratic nominee or impeached, unchanged from late July.

Seventeen percent (17%) believe Trump is likely to be impeached before serving his full term in office..

Wow. According to Rasmussen’s poll, 46% of people think it’s more likely Trump will be re-elected than defeated or impeached.

That number did not change from July, long before this current impeachment push started.

That’s about 3-to-1 versus impeachment. If Democrats were smart, they’d be paying attention.

The American people know the Democrats took a big risk pushing impeachment. It’s no secret they’re using impeachment as a tool to beat Trump, one way or another.

They’ve even admitted that beating him at the ballot box is just not possible.

Hmm… I wonder why? Perhaps because Trump has a pretty good track record of success, so far?

And what are their 2020 candidates promising? Installing socialism over our country. Yeah, not a winning strategy.

Their only hope it seems is in impeaching Trump and kicking him out of office.

But Americans aren’t stupid. They believe it’s far more likely the left will fail and Trump will be president for four more years.

Hey, maybe then all those celebrities who promised to move away will actually do it!

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