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Robert De Niro Asked About Impeaching Trump – He Quickly Loses It Live On CNN

De Niro really lost it – even CNN called him out on it!

Robert De Niro is back in the news. He’s starring in yet another Scorcese “masterpiece” and the Joker movie.

But the longtime American icon had a major problem during a recent interview. What started as a friendly stop on his press junket at CNN turned into a nightmare.

He apparently didn’t care it was a Sunday morning when De Niro lost his cool.

The interviewer asked the actor about Donald Trump. Well, the man paid to pretend to be other people, lost his mind.

Warning, there is some strong language in this video.

From Daily Wire:

Leading up to the “Joker” movie and Netflix’s “The Irishman,” actor Robert De Niro, who appears in both, dropped more than just one f-bomb regarding his enemies…

“I think he’s crazy in a way. Just crazy…” De Niro replied…

“I’m gonna say one thing. F*** Trump.” De Niro said as the audience applauded while rising to their feet. “It’s no longer down with Trump. It’s f*** Trump.”

Well, wasn’t that nice? If anyone has ever suffered from Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s De Niro.

It’s not as if Bobby’s known for his cool and composed demeanor. But which side would you rather be on? The side with a competent, successful president?

Or the side with angry celebrities like Robert De Niro?

I mean, the guy’s so outraged over Trump, he’s accusing the president of things that haven’t even happened.

He claimed Trump won’t leave the White House willingly? Oh yeah, Robert, how do you know that?

De Niro drops one f-bomb after another while talking about the President of the United States. The people in the audience even stand up and applaud.

Can you imagine if a celebrity said just a portion of what De Niro said about Trump… about Obama?

The media would never let him work again. Yet it’s okay for celebrities like De Niro to say these things about a Republican president?

Once again we see the Left’s double standard on full display. They love doing things they would never allow us to do.

De Niro thinks he’s safe because he’s rich and famous. But the fact of the matter is, the more outraged he gets, the less people are listening to him.

Or watching his movies.

And it becomes more likely Trump will be in office until 2024.

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