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Jim Jordan Takes Down Impeachment CNN – Swiftly Discredits Democrat Whistleblower

Rep. Jim Jordan dared to go on CNN – and he left them speechless!

Jake Tapper, perhaps the biggest Anti-Trump reporter on the network, tried to grill Jordan on the impeachment proceedings.

But Jordan was ready for him.

From Twitter:

Tapper and the rest of the Left are trying to distort a phone call to take down a sitting president.

It looks like are blatantly ignoring the evidence and quoting a whistleblower complaint as evidence.

The whistleblower had no first-hand knowledge of the phone call. He was reporting on what other people said about the call.

Those other people weren’t even on the call themselves.

The whistleblower never read the transcript, nor did he get many facts correct. It’s obvious this person invented a bunch of lies, hoping the transcript would never be released.

Tapper ignored all this and tried to slam Jordan. But the conservative lawmaker wasn’t going to have it.

Democrats are trying to take down Trump over a made-up complaint. They are ignoring the facts because they don’t match up.

Don’t be fooled, this story is already turning on them. CNN is desperately trying to change the story to still go after Trump.

But Jordan put the Impeachment News Network in their place.

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