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John Ratcliffe Pulls Back Impeachment Curtain – Democrat Hopes Plunge After His Rousing Speech

Democrats didn’t see Ratcliffe coming – he just yanked the rug out from under them!

John Ratcliffe held the Left’s feet to the fire during the Mueller hearing—and now he’s at it again.

And, it turns out, he’s at it again showing America that the Democrat emperors have no clothes.

The Democrats failed to pin Russian collusion (and obstruction) onto Trump for impeachment. But not even a few months passed before they concocted a new scheme to get him.

They want Americans to believe Trump broke the law when he requested the President of Ukraine to look into criminal cases.

Democrats are trying to impeach Trump over doing something far from “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

And Ratcliffe just blew their hopes in a powerful statement.

From Twitter:

“Ratcliffe: The Democrats are intent on impeaching President Trump for lawful conduct”

There you have it, folks. What we’ve been saying since this all started.

Donald Trump did the lawful thing in requesting that Ukraine look into actual crimes. He did it without coercion or threats.

The law is on his side here. There is even a treaty that allows the U.S. and the Ukraine to help each other in these investigations.

He didn’t promise Ukraine anything nor did he say he was going to take American aid away.

President Trump obeyed the law when he asked Ukraine to look into possible criminal actions.

And for this, the Democrats want his head on a platter.

Democrats in Congress want you to back their attempts to remove a man from office—for obeying the law!

They don’t care that their latest accusations hold no water. They don’t care that the transcript of the call was released, proving he did no wrong.

They are intent on erasing Trump’s success over the last three years draining the swamp. Even though most Americans are against it.

Do you really think they are going to succeed? Do you really think they are going to win elections after this?

Trump supporters need to be clear—they cannot let the Democrats impeach the president for following the law. They must be held accountable for their actions.

Every last one of us must stand up against this abuse of power.

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