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After Pelosi’s Impeachment Plan Crumbles – Nancy Gives In To Trump On His Major Mexico Deal

Pelosi surrenders – she gives Donald just what he demanded.

Nancy Pelosi announced to the world that she’s going to impeach President Trump, but it’s all turning against her now.

The “evidence” of his wrongdoing turns? Turns out they can’t find anything solid. And now it looks like she’s at the mercy of Trump again.

While Democrats wasted time with hearings and impeachment talk, real work to help Americans was getting left behind.

But the first week of impeachment is going very badly. The whistleblower is all but discredited, and poor Joe Biden is tanking in the polls.

Her move to impeach Trump is getting weaker by the hour.

Now, waving the white flag, she is agreeing to a major Trump victory.

From Reuter:

The U.S. House of Representatives is proceeding with work on a trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday, allaying worries an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump would delay approval of the deal.

Wow. Even though Pelosi “greenlit” Democrats’ impeachment charade, she says she’s on board with passing the new trade deal.

A trade deal that replaces the terrible NAFTA. A trade deal… worked out by Trump and his administration.

This about this. Pelosi herself, along with other Democrats, claim that Trump is abusing his power and must be removed.

If that were true, then they wouldn’t want to support anything he touches. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is one of Trump’s landmark victories.

It ends the 30-year-old NAFTA that saw countless American jobs disappear. One of Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to fix that problem with a new, better trade deal.

USMCA is that. Why would Pelosi endorse this trade deal, if Trump should be impeached?

Two reasons: one, Pelosi is losing. She staked her reputation on impeachment. With that falling apart, she’s got to do something to make it look like she’s helping Americans.

Two, she’s realizing America knows this impeachment push is probably a ruse, concocted by Democrats just to make Trump look bad.

Either way, the media is silent about Pelosi’s support of USMCA. Perhaps because they are once again trying to protect their precious Democrats?

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