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Queen AOC Ignores New Impeachment Polls – To Impeach Trump, She’s Willing To Risk 2020 Election

Alexandria won’t listen to the American people – and she’s ready to risk it all!

AOC is leading the Democrat charge for Trump’s impeachment. But it looks like she is completely ignoring what Americans are saying.

We shouldn’t be too surprised. AOC seems to have been ignoring Americans since she entered office!

But she really shouldn’t—because they are giving big warning signs.

What are Americans saying? It’s pretty simple: they DON’T want Donald Trump to be impeached. Every poll shows that very clearly. Americans think it’s wrong to go after Trump with no evidence.

And AOC’s response reveals how much she’s willing to lose for this vendetta against Trump.

From Fox News:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., argued on Wednesday night that Congress should pursue the impeachment of President Trump despite its unpopularity among voters and “put our country first” before their jobs…

“…all people in the United States of America must recognize and understand that need to put our country first before our consideration of reelection.”

Wow, this woman is just not getting it. Hey Alex, you were elected to obey the will of the people. That’s your job. I’m shocked that you didn’t know that to begin with.

If the vast majority of Americans are against impeachment, your job is not to convince them otherwise, to the point of risking your job.

You listen.

But Democrats have proven they are more interested in pushing their agenda than serving the interests of the American people.

I mean, AOC just confessed to that! She is willing to lose re-election, for all Democrats to lose re-election, as long as it means they get Trump in the end.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does not seem to care about the very people who elected her. Remember, she is the person who suggested we ban airplanes and rebuild every house in America.

Gee, that sounds like a real burden on Americans. You’d think an elected official wouldn’t recommend ideas like that.

Today, AOC is openly defying the will of the American people.

Most Americans are happy with Trump’s low unemployment, better paying jobs, and safer borders.

But we can’t believe how far they’re willing to go, without evidence, to remove President Trump.

Ask yourself this: what has AOC done to help Americans since entering office? What has the entire Democratic Party done to improve our lives?

The answer? Nothing. Yet she wants to snub America’s wishes to impeach President Trump.

Hmm… someone should be impeached, but it’s not the Donald!

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