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Meghan McCain Makes Announcement About Who She’s Voting For

To say that Meghan McCain isn’t an unbiased source when it comes to President Donald Trump would be a rather big understatement.

After all, the public feud between the president and the McCain family — especially the late Sen. John McCain, Meghan’s father — is hardly a secret.

The bad blood even appeared to transcend death.

Trump’s clashes with the Arizona Republican were rife with tension, and that familial disdain clearly has carried over to McCain’s daughter, co-host of ABC’s “The View.”

The latest, and perhaps most laughable, example of Meghan McCain’s contempt for Trump? Her gushing support for Joe Biden, whom many still project to be the Democrats’ best shot at winning the White House despite his numerous gaffes.

McCain offered what seemed like an extremely enthusiastic endorsement of the 76-year-old Biden over Trump during an appearance Tuesday night on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

A caller’s question about whether she’d vote for a Democrat in the 2020 presidential election prompted a glowing response from McCain about the former vice president.

“I get asked about this all the time and I will say — and I’m just going to leave this like this — Joe Biden and I, everyone knows, are very close,” she said.

“And I love him dearly,” McCain continued, “and I think he is a truly decent, wonderful human being that could be very healing for the country.”

Yes, decent enough to fabricate war stories and wonderful enough to place all the blame for racism on “white folk.”

McCain’s support for Biden likely will fall on deaf ears when it comes to Democratic primary voters. She seems to have performed some spectacular mental gymnastics to forget about the way that those on the left had long treated her father, and the fact that many of them hate her too.

To be clear, McCain isn’t a horrible leftist. Her stances against anti-Semitism, Democratic corruption and abortion are all commendable.

But it’s still sad to see her inability to be even remotely fair about Donald Trump.

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