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Nunes Interrupts Schiff’s Impeachment Trial – “Thanks” Democrats, Then Tears Down Their Impeachment Plan

Schiff thought Nunes was being nice – but then Devin ruined his day!

It’s safe to say Rep. Schiff’s impeachment hearing did not go well this morning, and we have Devin Nunes to thank for it.

Right as the Schiff thought he would finally get Trump, Rep. Nunes came out hot and ready.

Democrats were banking on the latest Ukraine call to tank Trump. They even got Nancy Pelosi to cave into their demands.

But Nunes is putting up a fight. After saying “thank you” to Democrats, he turned on a dime and exposed their scheme right in front of Schiff.

From Biz Pac Review:

Blasting their false narratives and their joint efforts with the mainstream media, the California Republican and Ranking Member of the committee called out the “latest information warfare operation” against President Trump in his opening statement on Capitol Hill Thursday.

“The released transcript of that call has already debunked that central assertion, but that didn’t matter…

“If the whistleblower operation doesn’t work out, the Democrats and their media assets can always drum up something else,” Nunes said.

Boom. That’s what really going on, my friends.

Nunes exposed how Democrats, their government leakers, and the media work together to push their plans against Donald Trump.

Democrats orchestra a new Trump “event.” They get someone within government to leak “impeachable” information—in this case a whistleblower claim based on a tame phone call that could be taken the wrong way.

Then they rely on their allies in the liberal media to spin it as fact. The media creates enough noise to dupe anyone who will listen.

Forcing the entire country to suffer yet another trial of Donald Trump.

Nunes knocked the Left for using this scheme over and over again. Honestly, they’ve done it more times than we can count.

From Russia to Stormy Daniels to Brett Kavanaugh to now Ukraine, they just keep coming, and they keep coming up empty.

Democrats don’t believe they can beat Trump on the issues, but they will spend plenty of taxpayer resources to endlessly investigate him.

Meanwhile, Trump is making America great again.

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