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Trump Hits Back At Pelosi For Impeachment, Fires Threat Heard Round The World: “53% Approval Rating”

President Trump just hit back at the Democrats who are insisting on committing political suicide by impeaching him.

Nancy Pelosi refused to take this step for months for one simple reason – she did not have the votes. Pelosi would never let this happen, would never take this formal step unless she knew she has the votes.

That is her history and no chance she makes an exception now. That said, the Democrats would need 67 votes in the Senate to remove and there is simply no way that would ever happen.

At best the Dems may get Mitt Romney and a few others to cross the aisle but they won’t get the 67 votes they need to remove him from office.

So why do it? Pelosi didn’t want to because the political risks are enormous – the Dems could lose the House if the backlash is strong enough. And that seems likely.

“The Democrats are so focused on hurting the Republican Party and the President that they are unable to get anything done because of it, including legislation on gun safety, lowering of prescription drug prices, infrastructure, etc. So bad for our Country!,” Trump said.

Then Trump fired a threat (by way of his approval numbers) and reminded Pelosi who is boss: “53% approval rating” he tweeted, “Thank You!” Look, this move will backfire in ways the left cannot even fathom right now.

From NBC:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to announce a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump on Tuesday, NBC News reported, citing two sources close to her.

Earlier Tuesday, Pelosi said that Democrats are “ready,” when asked whether she and her caucus will take steps toward Trump’s impeachment.

“That’s why I’ve said as soon as we have the facts, we’re ready. Now we have the facts, we’re ready … for later today,” Pelosi said at The Atlantic Festival in response to a question about impeachment.

The Washington Post reported earlier Tuesday afternoon that Pelosi would announce a formal impeachment inquiry after meeting with Democratic lawmakers.

She is expected to make a statement around 5 p.m. ET, following meetings with congressional leadership and her caucus, according to NBC.

Pelosi has until now resisted Democrats’ calls for Trump’s impeachment, which have grown steadily in intensity since the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report.

But more than a dozen Democrats have come out for impeachment within the past week, following bombshell reports that Trump had asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky multiple times to investigate Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, during a phone call in July.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kerry Hanrahan

    September 26, 2019 at 12:41 am

    Biden is on video boasting about it. He should be investigated.

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