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Jim Jordan Turns The Tables On Joe Biden – Reveals His Trump Impeachment Plan

Joe Biden never saw Jim Jordan coming – got him!

Rep. Jim Jordan is watching the Left’s attempts to impeach Trump with disgust. Now he’s calling out what’s really going on.

The Left has tried nearly every scheme to take Trump down. They pushed the Russia investigation—well didn’t work.

Then they went after “obstruction of justice.” That fell apart. They tried to dig into his taxes, hoping to find something.


Now they are twisting a so-called whistleblower’s story as an excuse to impeach the president.

They claim he coerced Ukraine into launching an investigation. But, of course, they have received no hard proof of these claims.

But someone did try to coerce Ukraine and got away with it. And Jordan tells all.

From Twitter:

Jordan hits the nail on the head:

“Rep. Jordan: ‘They always accuse us of what they’re doing.’”

The fact remains Democrats are trying to accuse Trump of something Joe Biden actually did.

Liberals want you to believe that Trump was coercing Ukraine to open an investigation, using threats and blackmail.

Of course, they have no proof. Literally none has been released yet, but still Nancy Pelosi opened up an impeachment inquiry.

But Joe Biden bragged about how he threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine if they didn’t fire their top prosecutor.

And they did.

What he didn’t admit was that the prosecutor was investigating Hunter Biden—Joe’s son. A clear conflict of interest where Biden abused his power by holding aid captive.

Yet the Left ignores this obvious wrongdoing—saying Trump is at fault.

Why should we ever believe them? This is a party that is still upset that Trump beat Hillary. A party that can’t get over how success Trump has been.

In only three years, he’s humiliated them. Doing a better job than some politicians who’ve been in D.C. for decades.

All impeachment talk is a joke. If any investigations should be going on, it should be against the Democrats who seem to always get away with their crimes.

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  1. Bluewren

    September 26, 2019 at 1:50 am

    Are you kidding me the Democrats have been taken over by leftists, Commies, get them by the short and curlies anyway you can and toss them out? The Commies are the greatest murderers of the twentieth century 60million dead in Stalin’s Russia 100 million dead in Moa’s China! Is that how you reduce poverty just kill it off? Get up off your backsides Republicans and don’t leave the fight to just one man, Jim Jordan. The Commie’s made Hitler look like a novice.

    • jamie mchugh

      September 27, 2019 at 7:58 am

      absolutely correct, this is not your grandparents blue party, lets face it trump isnt the reds choice either, why they all hate him the money they will lose , as he exposes them all, and saves our country god bless this guy, crude or not *hes a new yorker* so let him do his thing

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