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Top Democrat In Deep Trouble – His Trump Inquisition Boomerangs On Him

He went after Donald, but then he got blinded by the spotlight.

After so many years of “investigations”, Democrats have not found a shred of evidence against President Trump.

Yet, even after the Mueller report cleared him, they still press on with their claims that he obstructed justice (and even collusion).

And now the man in charge of the House’s investigation is breaking all the rules.

Surprise, surprise, it’s finally blowing up in his face. From Daily Wire:

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) apparently coached former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen on what would be discussed… and leads one to wonder why Schiff hasn’t been the subject of an ethics investigation.

There are more than a few instances where Schiff has behaved less than ethically.

While he hammers Trump and his allies for evidence of Russian meddling, he has his own questionable dealings.

It seems Schiff continues to meet with people who are going to testify, just before they appear before Congress.

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Evidence is mounting that he’s simply colluding with these people—which include Michael Cohen and the Fusion GPS founder—telling them what they should say under oath.

You don’t have to be a detective to think this man is trying to manufacture dirt against the President of the United States.

It’s been three years and it seems like Democrats still can’t accept that Donald Trump fairly won the election.

And even people who are trying to slander the president, like James Comey and Michael Cohen, end up clearing his name.

And the Mueller Report cleared him, but they won’t accept it. They want to dig into the full report and twist whatever is in there to make Trump look bad.

Schiff still wants us to believe Trump is some kind of traitor.

But all the while, more and more questions are raised about Schiff’s own behavior. Democrats had better watch out, because patriots are speaking up.

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