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Pelosi’s Democrats On Verge Of Breaking Apart – And Republicans Started It

Republicans pulled a fast one on Nancy.

Democrats are in trouble – they have a slim lead in the House, but lack support in the Senate or White House to force their agenda.

Trump continues to rack up a string of wins for Republicans—2020 looks pretty bleak for liberals.

Now, Republicans are forcing the Democrats to split at the seams.

From the Wall Street Journal:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) is split with her leadership team over how to handle moderate Democrats who are siding with Republicans on procedural votes to carve out independence from their party…

Republicans are using a procedural tactic known as a “motion to recommit” to force Democrats to vote on a range of controversial issues by amending bills that Democrats are set to pass.

So Republicans are forcing a huge wedge between moderate and liberal Democrats with a sneaky tactic in the house, and it is driving Pelosi up the wall.

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Don’t be fooled by news that Democrats are resurgent. They are in deep trouble.

Have you seen their 2020 candidates? Yeah, I am glad I’m not a Democrat right now.

Donald Trump continues to break records and make history. He’s helped pull America from the brink.

Meanwhile, Democrats are becoming more and more liberal. Moderate Democrats in red states are rightfully concerned.

If they side with Nancy Pelosi and AOC, they’ll lose their seats for good.

But if they side with Trump, their own party will disown them.

Republicans are ensuring that major seats will flip red in the coming election—one way or another.

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