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After Trump Calls Kim’s Bluff – North Korea Comes Crawling Back

They said Donald lost this round – but he turned it around for an unexpected victory.

Hopes were high that President Trump and Kim Jong Un would reach a deal.

But Trump walked after North Korea refused to fully shut down their nuke program.

Our media, as usual, attacked the president, saying he didn’t know what he was doing.

But once again, the master negotiator proved them all wrong and came out with a big win.

From Fox News:

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is willing to sit down again with President Trump for denuclearization talks in the near future despite the two leaders not reaching a deal this week during their highly anticipated Hanoi summit, North Korean state media reported Friday.

North Korea just backed down – and it’s the media who is embarrassed, not President Trump.

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President Trump didn’t get to where he is by screwing things up.

That might be par for the course in Washington, but not in the Trump administration.

Donald Trump promised to reach a good, lasting deal with North Korea. He wasn’t going to agree to something bad—like Obama with Iran—just for the headlines.

He walked to show North Korea and the world that America is not playing games. We want peace and prosperity for all parties involved.

In walking, he showed our allies that Trump meant business. He is going to forge a deal that will denuclearize North Korea and ensure South Korea, Japan, and other Asian nations are safe.

Not to mention help secure freedom for North Korean citizens.

North Korea was shaken when Trump quickly left Vietnam. It’s no big surprise that they are now changing their tune.

Don’t be surprised if a good deal is announced very soon.

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