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After Cheerleaders Wave 2020 Trump Sign – Their School Reacts By Promptly Making Them Sit Out For A Year

That’s not fair – not fair at all!

Some proud Trump supporters showed off their love for the president—only to be punished by local government!

It’s true that there are many around the country that support the president. Many of them are young people.

And even though they can’t vote (yet), they want to show their support for the man making America great again.

In North Carolina, a group of cheerleaders posed with a Trump 2020 banner to show our leader love and support.

It’s a great pic—we all love it, of course.

But the obviously liberal leaders of their local school system did not love it. And to punish these young women for speaking their mind, they banned them from cheerleading.

From Daily Caller:

Some members of North Stanly High’s cheer squad will not be allowed to support their school’s football team for one year after they displayed their support for President Donald Trump.

On August 30, a group of cheerleaders posed with a banner that read “Trump 2020: ‘Make America Great Again’” before a Friday night football game… The North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) sprung to action Monday, placing those involved on “probation,” disallowing them to cheer for one year, reports the Daily Mail.

Wow. Because these girls showed support for the president, the school association banned them from cheerleading.

If I was the father of one of these girls, I’d sue until their heads spun!

Imagine the gall of this school. This is America. We have the right to free speech! These girls were exercising their God-given freedom.

Or, do students suddenly lose their rights because they are on school grounds?

Imagine if it was eight years ago and these girls held up an Obama banner? Something tells me they wouldn’t be banned after that.

In fact, the liberal media would applaud them, even get outraged if they did get into trouble.

Yet nothing. Why?

Because these girls supported Trump.

This is nothing new. Democrats don’t like the fact that there are many smart, talented, likable women who support the president.

They demand that all women be feminists, who dislike men and their President.

So, for not obeying the secular liberals, this school banned these girls. And that situation can only be fixed if Americans speak out for them!

SHARE to put pressure on the school to take back the suspension and apologize.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Marilyn brereton

    September 23, 2019 at 12:02 am

    Disgracful! I would question what this school is teaching.

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