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Jim Jordan Interrupts Impeachment Hearings – Blindsides Democrats With Their Own Words

Jordan pulled out the Trump card – Nadler didn’t think Jim would dare!

Democrats have gone full-steam-ahead with impeaching Trump—or at least they want us to think they are.

They held their first hearing in search for this elusive evidence that would get Trump once and for all.

For five hours they grilled Trump’s former campaign manager and ally Corey Lewandowski. But after all their hard-nosed questioning, they didn’t get a thing for him.

Then Jim Jordan jumped in and blindsided Democrats with their own guys’ words.

From Twitter:

“.@CLewandowski_ worked with the Trump campaign for nearly 2 years. He testified they did not collude or coordinate with Russia. Sounds familiar. James Comey, sitting at the same table as Lewandowski: same answer. Bob Mueller: same table, same answer. Time to move on.”

Woah. Jim Jordan holds nothing back as he spotlights the Left for still accusing Trump of working with Russia.

James Comey and Bob Mueller—two men that had no loyalties to Trump—admitted there was no evidence of it.

Lewandowski, who worked with Trump’s campaign through the election, also said Trump’s campaign never worked with Russia.

So, why are Democrats still pushing this idea—as grounds to impeach the president?

Democrats are still planning to go after every last person in the Trump White House, hoping to find something. They are going on a fishing expedition to get the president.

Did Republicans ever do this to Obama? Did Republicans ever do this any president? I don’t think so.

So why are we putting up with this nonsense from Democrats?

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