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Supreme Court Hands Trump Major Decision – Crushes Top Democrat Dream

Even Donald didn’t think this would happen – but Kavanaugh and his buddies pulled through.

President Trump puts the safety of Americans first. He fights every day to make sure we have a secure border and a strong, effective military.

That’s why he decided to forbid transgender people from enlisting in the military.

Liberals courts, as usual, blocked his order. Now Trump is getting a major win.

From Daily Caller:

The Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will allow President Donald Trump to temporarily enforce restrictions on transgender individuals serving in the military…

The government said the Court’s intervention was necessary because the lower court decision “require the military to maintain a policy that, in its own professional judgment, risks undermining readiness, disrupting unit cohesion, and weakening military effectiveness and lethality.”

The case will now return to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for further proceedings. Should the administration lose before the 9th Circuit, they can return to the Supreme Court for a definitive ruling on the legality of its restrictions on transgender soldiers.

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This ruling means Trump’s order will stand, until a final ruling.

Chances are it will go back to the Supreme Court, who will decide the future of our Armed Forces.

This trend to block Trump’s decisions by liberal judges is getting tired and pathetic.

The president has the authority to make difficult decisions. There will always be people who disagree.

Does that give them the right to fight it in the courts, like babies throwing temper tantrums?

I don’t think so.

Recently, we’ve seen the courts give Trump one win after another. I think even the Supreme Court is getting tired of the left’s tired tactics.

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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