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FBI Chief Hiding Documents From AG Barr…Deep State Panics

Ellen Weintraub, a DEMOCRAT Chair of the Federal Election Commission, bashed President Trump over a hypothetical question and refused to take action against Hillary for laundering $84 million from state Democrat parties — and now we know why. Her previous job before joining the Federal Election Committee was working at the Perkins Coie Law Firm. Sound familiar? That was Hillary’s law firm, the very same one that hired Fusion GPS for the fake Hillary dossier, and who erased over 30,000 emails that were supposed to be private emails but were, in reality, work-related — including classified documents. Does any of that surprise you at all?

From The Gateway Pundit

Well isn’t this interesting.

On Thursday afternoon Ellen Weintraub, a DEMOCRAT Chair of the Federal Election Commission posted a statement online condemning President Trump for suggesting he may accept oppo research from a foreign government.

Per the FEC:

Commissioner Weintraub took office on December 9, 2002, after receiving a recess appointment; she was renominated and confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate on March 18, 2003. Commissioner Petersen was nominated and confirmed unanimously by the United States Senate on June 24, 2008.

Prior to her appointment to the Commission, Ms. Weintraub was Of Counsel to Perkins Coie LLP and a member of its Political Law Group. Before joining Perkins Coie, Ms. Weintraub was Counsel to the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct for the U.S. House of Representatives (the House Ethics Committee). Ms. Weintraub received her B.A., cum laude, from Yale College and her J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Is this why Weintraub said nothing when Hillary Clinton paid for a junk Russian dossier and hid the payments by funneling the money through her law firm PERKINS COIE, worked with Ukrainians to obtain dirt on Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and reportedly had foreign intelligence agencies spy on the Trump campaign?

In October of 2017, the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed an FEC complaint alleging the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign committee violated campaign finance law because they failed to disclose the purpose and recipient of payments for the phony Steele dossier.

Is this also why the FEC is ignoring Hillary Clinton’s $84 million campaign finance scandal?

Featured Image Source H/T: UsaNews

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