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After 45,000 Jump Texas Border, Governor Abbott Unleashes His Troops

The Texas Governor just gave a Texas-sized response to protect the border!

Democrats want you to forget how big the problem is, but it is still getting much worse, not better.

In the last three weeks, 45,000 have crossed the Texas border. And they were from 52 different countries.

(By the way, there aren’t that many countries in Central and South America combined.)

Clearly, the Democrats want outsiders to think our border is a revolving door. Anyone can come from anywhere, regardless of our laws.

But Texas Gov. Abbott is dropping a Texas-sized hammer on them.

From The Right Scoop:

I just deployed 1,000 National Guard Troops to the border.

This is needed because more than 45,000 people were apprehended crossing our border illegally in the last 3 weeks.

Congress must do its job and fund border security.

Watch him announce his move:

Boom! Gov. Abbott just announced he sent 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas border.

He clearly explained he’s doing this because of the explosion of people apprehended at the border. This group of 45,000 people is from 52 countries. They don’t have any documents.

We don’t know who they are nor their past. Are they nice, hard-working people or are they breaking our laws?

Will they work to make America a better place? Or will they abuse our welfare system? I can let you answer those questions.

Thanks to our broken immigration system, every last one of them will be given work permits and released into the U.S. They will be “obligated” to show up for their court hearing.

But how many do you think will actually do that—just so they can be sent home?

It’s clear we need significant reform to our immigration laws so that thousands of strangers can’t just march into our country and be given free handouts.

Congress is refusing to do anything. But at least our local leaders like brave Governor Abbott are stepping up.

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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