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FBI Documents Shows Hillary’s Lawyer Dictated What DOJ Could Not Investigate

We could save a fortune in court and prison costs if all criminals like Hillary Clinton could dictate to law enforcement what they can and cannot investigate or use as evidence. Hillary lawyer and longtime Clinton supporter, David Kendall, did just that.

Kendall claimed that he turned over copies of all documents on two servers operated by Hillary Clinton, but before he turned over the hard drives, he had them erased and then told the DOJ that they had to destroy those hard drives and could not search them.

Remember, this is the same David Kendall who claimed over 30,000 Hillary emails were about yoga and Chelsea’s wedding. Many were later recovered and proved that was a lie. There were even classified emails among those that were erased.

From The Gateway Pundit

Buried in the documents is an email from Hillary Clinton’s lawyer David Kendall bossing around the Justice Department.

Crooked Hillary’s lawyer emailed the Justice Department in April of 2016, shortly before Hillary became the Democrat nominee for president, and told the DOJ they do not have consent to double check data from two Lenovo hard drives before destruction.

“This letter confirms that, pursuant to our discussions, Williams & Connolly LLP has provided to the Department of Justice two W&C hard drives (Samsung Lenovo 256 GB hard drive and a Samsung Lenovo 128 GB hard drive) (the drives) for the sole purpose of destruction,” David Kendall wrote.

“The drives each contained a copy of data that W&C had previously provided to the Department of Justice, as well as other W&C attorney-client privileged and attorney work product materials. Pursuant to our agreement, W&C has deleted all data from the drives prior to providing them to the Department. We understand that once the drives have been destroyed, you will provide us confirmation of that fact.”

“For avoidance of doubt, this letter does not provide any consent to search the drives prior to their destruction,” Hillary’s lawyer concluded.

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