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Kamala Harris Says Criminals and Illegals are Better Than US Servicemen

The moral to this story is if you run over and kill a thirteen-year-old girl, you’d better be an illegal alien, or you will pay the price. But if you are an illegal alien, you are home free. In September of 2014, Tolentino Guevara struck and killed Chrishia Odette, and the investigation showed that he never even slowed down before hitting her. To top it all off, he was driving without a license. Chrishia’s father, Chris Odette said that a policeman came to his house to inform him of what happened to his daughter. He told Odette that the driver did not have a license, and when pressed by Odette, the officer said the driver might have been an illegal alien.

Odette later found out that they knew for a fact that the police knew that Guevara was an illegal alien. He had skipped out on court four years earlier after he was charged with speeding and driving without a license. Odette looked into the case and to his shock, found out that Guevara was released just 36 minutes after his arrest. ICE arrested him again in 2016 but a judge, who had been warned that Guevara was a flight risk, granted him bail and he has been a fugitive ever since.

Angel Dad Chris Odette has yet to see any justice for the death of his daughter, Chrishia, who was killed by an illegal alien in 2014.

Days before Father’s Day, Odette retold the story of Chrishia’s death in a podcast with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Odette says that despite years passing, there has been no charges or conviction of the illegal alien who hit and killed 13-year-old Chrishia in a car crash on September 12, 2014.

“There has been no real justice for my daughter,” Odette said.

“In the later days I found out that he was released,” Odette said. “I had to look up this information myself because I went a few days later to pick up my daughter’s belongings and I was given a copy of the accident report … I looked on the county website and found that he had been released 36 minutes after he was arrested that night.”

In January 2016, the illegal alien was arrested by ICE. A month later, a judge gave him bail despite the authorities saying that he was a flight risk. Though he was supposed to turn himself in to federal immigration officials, the illegal alien fled his home and is now a fugitive in the U.S.

Featured Image Source H/T: UsaNews

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  1. Harry Mathis

    June 23, 2019 at 7:38 pm

    The judge who released the illega alien felon should be disbarred, prosecuted and jailed .

  2. M Zachary

    June 24, 2019 at 12:25 am

    Says the woman who slept her way into power with A MARRIED MAN.

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