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14 State Attorney Generals Step Forward Demanding Indictments Against Clinton and Obama

Attorney Generals from 14 states have come together to file a motion with the Justice Department to have Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama indicted for their crimes. According to Alan Dershowitz, there are plenty:

“Obama obtained a warrant and had people investigate a presidential campaign. He can’t just do that. And Clinton? Clinton is guilty of more crimes than the Justice Department has laws.”

When asked to cite specific laws he’d like to see the duo of Democriminals charged with, he declined, adding that he would gladly serve on the Grand Jury to indict when the time comes.

Art Tubolls, Attorney General for Mississippi, was chosen to speak for the delegation. He assured the American people that justice will prevail:

“We will charge the foreigner and the criminal with the crimes they have committed, including high treason for the deaths of the four brave men in Benghazi. For her emails and his lying about his nationality, they will both be subject to the full penalty of law.”

The Attorney Generals have no actual power to charge or litigate the matters, as none of the alleged crimes happened in any of their states or in Guam. Together, however, they meet the requirements under the 14th Amendment to have their petition read into the record at the next Supreme Court session, making it possible for US attorneys to consider it all “expert testimony under information and belief.”

Once that has happened, Mitch McConnell can serve the House of Representatives with a notice of affirmation that the states have met the requirement for a Writ of Removal of Executive Privilege and that they intend to move forward with a criminal prosecution at the federal level.

All of this stuff is basic civics, people. Learn how the system works and you’ll see…Republicans have been rigging the win for decades, and we won’t lose now.

Featured Image Source H/T: BustATroll

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