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Comey Has Temper Tantrum Over Trump Declassifying Documents

Former FBI Director James Comey is acting like a man who knows the walls are closing in on him in a major way.

Comey took to Twitter on Friday to pretend like he was not concerned about President Donald Trump’s decision to declassify documents pertaining to the 2016 alleged spying on his campaign.

But anyone reading the tweet could see that he is a man that is running scared and pretending that he is an innocent man.

“Investigate whatever you wish about 2016 but don’t forget the people of the FBI must investigate and stop Russian efforts in the 2020 election.

“What impact will loose talk about ‘spying’ and disgraceful talk about ‘treason’ have on FBI agents and analysts?” he said.

Does Comey belong in prison?

Featured Image Source H/T: UsaNews

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