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Hirono Says Impeachment Is Needed Because Americans Are Dumb

Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono thinks that the American people are not smart enough to comprehend the Mueller report and that is why we need impeachment.

She said in an interview with CNN on Friday that the American people need it on television because they cannot read 400 pages.

“You are, of course, on the Senate Judiciary Committee. I want to ask you what’s going on in the house. Because CNN learned overnight that the House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler, has been pressuring Nancy Pelosi to open an increasing inquiry.

“It will allow them to consolidate the negotiations and allow them to be more open about some of the things they can say on the house floor.

“As you watch from the Senate, do you think it’s time now to open the official inquiry on the house side?” host John Berman said.

“Yes. I’ve said so myself. And this was right after Mueller had a press conference wherein he very much focused on the fact that the Russians had very, very intently and heavily interfered with our elections, to support President Trump and the president’s efforts to stymie the investigation and obstruct justice.

“He made those points very clearly and at this point, I think that we need to focus our entire country on what happened. And that is through an impeachment inquiry,” she said.

Is the Mueller report biased against Trump?

“Does it matter to you that it’s almost impossible to imagine the president ever being convicted in the Senate if the house ever did go through with impeachment?” Berman said.

“There comes a time when we need to do the appropriate and right thing and I think this is that time.

“Because even now, the president is continuing to try to obstruct whatever if house is doing to shed light on what happened during the 2016 elections and thereafter. So his obstructive activities are continuing apace,” she said.

“One of the things that Nancy Pelosi has reportedly argued, and she is against opening the official impeachment inquiry as of now.

“One of the things she said reportedly yesterday and this was Politico, she said, ‘I don’t want to see Trump impeached, I want do see him in prison.’ What do you think she meant by that?” Berman said.

“I think that once he loses his presidency, he becomes a private citizen and all of the information that Mueller put into his reports, or the two chapters will be used or can be used to indict the president.

“And it’s very clear to me that but for the fact he’s the president and but for the fact that the office of legal counsel says you can’t indict a sitting president, he would have been indicted, as did some 800 or so former prosecutors who said the same thing,” she said.

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It is a hypocrite statement from both her and Speaker Rep. Pelosi who have said that in the United States we do not imprison opponents in politics. A point Berman called her on.

“What about the appropriateness of talking about imprisoning your political opponents. President Trump, then candidate Trump came under criticism for this, the lock her up chants, saying he was going to put Hillary Clinton in jail. Why don’t the same rules apply to Nancy Pelosi?” he said.

“Because of the fact that the president did — there may not have been enough evidence to charge him with conspiracy, but that does not mean there were not factors leading to that or there were not enough…” she said before Berman stepped in.

“But saying you want to put ft. In jail, you would agree that saying you want to put the president in jail is a big deal, correct?” he said. “And it does come with risks, correct?”

“Yes, I would say so, but this is why I think that we should open an impeachment inquiry so we can get on with telling the public what really happened.

“Because the public and not going to read a 400-page report, as so many people are said. They need to watch the movie, because they’re not going to read the book.,” she said, insulting the American people.

“I think we would do a service to our country if we talk about and shine a light and educate the public American on what’s in that report.

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