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Bye Bye Nancy? Sen Graham Hints That Pelosi Is About To Lose Her Job

On Sunday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham stated that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s job is currently at risk as she is being pushed to support impeachment of President Trump.

“Her job is very much at risk,” Graham stated during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.” “Nancy Pelosi is riding a bucking, wild bronco called the Democratic caucus.”

He continued, “Seventy percent of the Democratic base wants President Trump impeached. She knows that impeachment would be political suicide because there’s no reason to impeach the president. So she’s trying to keep the party intact. If she goes down the impeachment road, Republicans take back the House, we keep the Senate, President Trump gets reelected.”

The Gateway Pundit reports, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been beating the impeachment drum lately because she is being pressured by members of her Democrat House caucus to remove President Trump from office. Just hours after her dust-up with President Trump at the White House last Wednesday morning, Pelosi told a liberal conference in DC that Trump may have committed an ‘impeachable offense’ by ‘obstructing justice’ and engaging in a ‘cover-up.’ Pelosi, who previously shied away from impeachment talk, stoked the flames last week with her inflammatory rhetoric.

“As they say, the cover-up is frequently worse than the crime,” Pelosi stated, referring to an impeachment article against Richard Nixon.

When Thursday evening rolled around, however, Pelosi moved away from the idea of impeachment. After President Trump shredded her she stated of impeachment, “We’re not at that place.”

The House Speaker closed the House, sending lawmakers home on Thursday evening for a 10-day Memorial Day vacation, quelling all calls to impeach President Trump from the White House.

“Per usual, the Senator has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about,” Pelosi’s spox, Drew Hammill, stated to The Hill.

Take a look:

.@LindseyGrahamSC says impeachment is political suicide if Nancy Pelosi goes down that road #FNS #FoxNews

— FoxNewsSunday (@FoxNewsSunday) May 26, 2019

God Bless.

Featured Image Source H/T: NewsAmerica

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