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Attorney General Barr Convenes First Grand Jury in Clinton Probe

The US Attorney General decided not to attend a House Judiciary Committee meeting today after learning that the members would be using lawyers to ask questions. Rather than subject himself to perjury, Mr. Barr instead went about the business of being the number one law enforcement agent in the country.

Shortly after announcing he wouldn’t be on the Hill, Barr stepped into the 1st District Federal Court of Indictments in Washington and convened a Grand Jury to build a case against the Clinton Crime Family. According to a source inside Barr’s office:

“The Clinton conspiracy is about to get a wake-up call. it’s time they were investigated for everything from Uranium One to Pay for Play to the 1st Gulf War. Let’s not forget the failures of Benghazi and Yemen and the Red Line lie in Syria. Then there’s Venezuela and the debacle with the Stinger missiles in Caledonia. Everywhere we turn we run into another Clinton crime. Now we’re going to let a grand jury sort it out.”

That’s great news for those of us waiting years to see Hillary pay for using a private server for her emails or for being Secretary of State when Benghazi happened. She needs to pay for all the Antifa crimes around the world and the Dutch have generously agreed to move their worst criminals back one line to add Hillary to the rolls as one of the largest slave traders of all time.

AG Barr’s office won’t officially confirm or deny the grand jury for its own safety, but the staffers in his office are spreading the word to social media so we can start celebrating now. Great job, AG Barr. You’ve always had America’s best interests at heart.

Featured Image Source H/T: DailyWorldUpdate

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