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After Dems Claim Only 2 Miles Of Wall Built – Trump Reports The Real Numbers

Donald just set the record straight – but the media’s staying silent.

Instead, he’s just fixing old parts of existing barriers, only to let the border crisis continue.

Do you believe that could be even remotely true? We don’t. And neither does the man himself.

From Twitter:

President Trump set the record straight by explaining they are focusing on the most needed areas of the border, where people are getting through.

But what are the real numbers? We found out just minutes later from Trump’s right-hand lady, Sarah Sanders.

When Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade questioned Sanders, she made it very clear how many miles have been built.

From Mediaite:

She went on to say that the administration is “making great progress” and claimed, “There is over 100 miles, I think, it is close to 115 miles have been finished.”

“Again we feel comfortable and confident we’re on track to get right around 500 finished by the end of the year,” she added.

Sanders set the record straight for Trump. 100 – 115 miles are DONE. And over 500 miles of border will be secured by the end of the year.

Shame on Drudge for quoting a such an outlandish report. He’s just trying to get attention hawking liberal talking points.

Don’t forget—President Trump has had one of the most successful first terms of any president—and it’s only half over.

When he started, there was ZERO money for the wall. Now there’s billions, and he’s putting it to good use.

He will do amazing things over the coming years if we keep fighting with him—including secure our border.

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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