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Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan Get Welfare Payments for up to Four Wives

They call it “Dearbornistan” and “Little Baghdad.” Dearborn, Michigan – a city of 100,000 – has fully embraced its Arab-American and Muslim inhabitants (which make up about 44% of the city’s population) as well as some of the dangerous ideas of Sharia law.

Polygamy is illegal here in the US, but what about immigrants who already have more than one wife? According to American Freedom Fighters (AFF), these men are listing wives 2, 3, and 4 (yes, they are allowed 4 wives each) as “extended family” when qualifying for welfare and other government programs.

This means that instead of assimilating into American culture, Muslim men in Michigan are continuing to adhere to Sharia law (which by the way allows men to beat their wives AKA their “property”) while at the same time taking advantage of taxpayer dollars.

The Arabic language has become so common in Michigan that the Michigan Department of Human Services, which residents must call when applying for food stamps, prompts callers to press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, and 3 for Arabic (I tried it myself).

These large welfare “families” are an unnecessary and illegal drain on the nation’s struggling economy, but liberal news sources like The Huffington Post have been quick to applaud Dearborn for making peace with its unusually high Muslim population.

The Huff Post article linked below praises Michigan schools for “beating the odds” and “sending Dearborn’s poorest students off to Yale, Harvard, and top schools nationwide in disproportionate numbers.” The article describes Dearborn’s Arab and Muslim populations as “Democrats, through-and-through,” so you can bet these college educations are fully funded by taxpayer dollars.

While The Huff Post paints an idealistic version of “Dearbornistan,” other sources expose the violence that stems from Sharia law. For example, the Clarion Project reports that Christians waving signs about Christianity were attacked in June 2012 at the Dearborn, Michigan Arab Festival.

Perpetrators assaulted the Christians verbally and physically and threw stones at them. The local police force was criticized (but not punished) for simply asking the Christians to leave and taking no action against the violent mob.

“This cannot be tolerated,” reports AFF. “Muslims who partake of America’s generous public assistance programs should be held to the same standards as every other American. That means multiple wives can’t be claimed, nor should food banks be required to provide special “halal” food for Muslims, as Muslims in Minnesota are demanding.”

From his suspicious nuclear deal with Iran to his acceptance of the Muslim Brotherhood into all levels of government, President Obama has made it painfully clear that his sympathies do not lie with the American people; and, despite increased terror attacks at home and abroad, he is still planning to resettle thousands of Muslim refugees in the United States.

Featured Image Source H/T: SupportForTrump

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  1. Jerry

    May 24, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    This is mostly false since polygamy is illegal in America. However, some Muslim wives are skirting the system by applying for benefits as single mothers with children!?!???

  2. Jo

    May 24, 2019 at 11:54 pm

    It needs to be cleaned up and if they don’t follow the America way, they need to be sent back to where they come from.
    If we went to their country, we would have to pay our way and live by their laws.

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