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A Christian Girl Guns Down Five ISIS Jihadists Who Tried To Kidnap Her

A Christian girl wiped out five ISIS jihadists who were trying to kidnap her.

In keeping with details, a Christian girl landed in trouble when ISIS jihadists attempted to kidnap a young Christian girl. The girl being part of Christian militias who are fighting against the terror group ISIS. This brave Christian girl namely Widad, is an Assyrian Christian who is member of the militias fighting against ISIS. She has reportedly gunned down five ISIS jihadists with his machine gun when they tried to kidnap her. She single handedly killed them but however, she herself was martyred by some of the other ISIS jihadists.

The Christian militias have now emerged as a major fighting force which is posing opposition to the terror group ISIS in Syria. Along with several international military forces pounding ISIS Jihadists, the Christian militias are playing a major role in defence and opposition to the terror group.

This testimony was revealed by another Assyrian fighter, who has kept himself anonymous. He mouthed the story of bravery and courage, and said that this incident took place when ISIS stormed into the Assyrian Christian villages which are situated along the Khabur River near Hasaka in Syria. He stated that the Christian girl fought the jihadists with extraordinary valour.

These Assyrian Christian fighters deem protection of their villages, everything and above all. These Christians prefer to die rather than being captured by the ISIS militants. They fancy dying more willingly than bearing molestation at the hands of the ISIS fighters. A Christian fighter is of the opinion that his grand daughter preferably be killed rather than falling into the hands of the ISIS fighters who would sexually abuse them.

Featured Image Source H/T: Deselco

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