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Mike Pence Blindsides Democrat Courts, Drops Trump’s Supreme Court Hammer

VP Pence might speak softly, but he just dropped his VERY big stick…

Every time President Trump and VP Pence work to save America, the Left is quick to block them—but that’s coming to an end.

Democrats will stop at nothing to prevent Trump from making big improvements to our country.

They lack the votes to stop him in Congress, so since 2017, they’ve resorted to one major tactic:

The Obama-packed courts.

But now Vice President Pence is announcing Supreme Court hammer Trump is dropping on them. You’re gonna love this.

From The Hill:

Vice President Pence on Wednesday announced that the administration will challenge the ability of federal district court judges to issue nationwide injunctions that halt policies advocated by President Trump.

Take that, judges! How does it feel, knowing that the White House is taking its case directly to the Supreme Court?

Pence announced that the administration will petition the Supreme Court to rein in the abuse of power lower courts are committing.

These district judges are using cases to “jump rank” to limit the authority of the president of the United States.

They used it to stop Trump on the travel ban, getting funds for the border wall, and even setting rules for asylum claims.

Judges take cases set up by activist lawyers and then make broad claims as to what Trump can do.

But it’s probably coming to an end.

This will strict a huge blow in the Left’s ongoing campaign to undermine President Trump. Right now, Trump is working to make America great again.

Yet Democrats are trying to use the court system to stop him. Don’t they care about improving the quality of life for all Americans?

Don’t they want a better future for our country?

Apparently not. But their days of abusing the courts to get their way are OVER.

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Featured Image Source H/T: PatriotJournal

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