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Chuck Schumer Finds His Spine, Backs Trump On Key Issue

Chuck Schumer finally found his spine and will actually back Trump, not undercut his every move, on a key issue facing the nation.

Look, it is hard to govern when you have John Kerry whispering to Iran and Chuck and Nancy going over to Europe and talking smack about Trump.

In today’s zero-sum political game any win for the other guy is a loss for your team. It is a sad state of affairs and the real loser is the American people.

So it is good to see Chuck doing the right thing, finally. From Breitbart:

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer backed President Donald Trump on the China trade talks this weekend as negotiations between the United States and the Chinese escalated in the wake of the president’s announced increased tariffs on Chinese imports.

Schumer, the Democrat leader in the Senate, backing the Republican president–Trump–on anything in this hyper-partisan era is significant.

That Schumer is backing Trump on standing up to the Chinese with more tariffs is even more significant, as it is perhaps one of Trump’s core issues he campaigned on and has been governing on–not some sideshow issue that sometimes finds unlikely pairings on the political poles.

President Trump announced during the weekend that on Friday, his administration will hike tariffs to 25 percent on certain Chinese imports and that the rest of Chinese imports that remain untaxed for now will be at the 25 percent rate soon

This comes after the Chinese sought and received a 90-day delay late last year in the increase in the tariffs as trade negotiations played out.

That 90 days were up at the end of March, but the Chinese still have not finalized an agreement with American officials regarding trade policy–and it does not appear, despite initial reports to the contrary, that a deal is likely.

The Chinese were going to send a senior delegation to Washington from Beijing this week, but now, reports suggest that may not happen, either.

So, as Trump is sticking it to Beijing even harder than he already has, it is perhaps fitting that he is winning approval for the move from the leader of the opposition party in the U.S. Senate. But it is also not surprising that Schumer, a top Democrat, would stand with Trump on China; China has been a bipartisan issue for a while.

Featured Image Source H/T: KagDaily

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