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Alan Dershowitz Says Trump Team Should Sue Congress For Abuse of Power

Alan Dershowitz came out firing against Congressional overreach on Sean Hannity’s program last night.

The famous legal scholar also offered a novel way for Trump to beat back his inquisitors – sue the congressional committee.

Alan knows the law and while this may not be effective in the long-term, it could help to delay the investigation, which may be the best Trump can hope for.

Obama famously delayed handing over fast and furious documents through legal maneuvers for two years.

People forget that. Also, Clinton fought tooth and nail as well during his investigations. In fact, both had to be subpoenaed to hand over some of the documents. Trump will eventually have to turn them over, but the timing is crucial heading into 2020.

From Big League Politics: Harvard professor emeritus and legal scholar Alan Dershowitz joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity Tuesday night to discuss the House Judiciary Committee’s subpoenas of 81 associates of President Donald J. Trump.

“So, if I were one of the people who got a letter or a subpoena, I would at least think about the possibility of bringing a lawsuit and suggesting that Congress is abusing its oversight function,” Dershowitz said.

The former professor said that the Committee, led by Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), might be going “too far” in its role overseeing the judicial branch.

From Fox News: On the heels of an expanded investigation brought by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., famed attorney Alan Dershowitz warned Tuesday that House Democrats may have gone “too far” and could face lawsuits for allegedly abusing their oversight powers.

“Congress has a legitimate oversight function to perform but it has to make sure it doesn’t go too far.

It can’t use that oversight function, which is really designed to help get legislation, in order to really prevent a president from finishing out his terms and acting. They’re interfering with the executive branch if they do so,” Dershowitz said on “Hannity.”

“A balance has to be struck between the legitimate function of Congress to investigate,” Dershowitz said.

“The framers didn’t intend for Congress to become another prosecutorial branch, yet another investigative branch, they’re supposed to pass laws. So it seems to me these investigations look like they’re going too far.”

Nadler issued requests for information Monday from 81 people or organizations connected to President Trump. Among them: Vice President Pence, Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

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