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Barbara Bush said it’s TRUMPS FAULT she had a Heart Attack

It seems everything is President Trumps fault these days. Not happy? Blame Trump. Stub your toe? Blame Trump. Have a heart attack? Just do what Barbara Bush did. Blame Trump.

In an autobiography by Barbara Bush called “The Matriarch”, Bush is said to have blamed Trump for her heart attack in 2016.

The Washington bureau chief for USA Today, Susan Page, who interviewed Bush for her autobiography, claimed Bush had blamed Trump after he became president.

Even though Bush claimed Trump gave her a heart attack, the truth is that it wasn’t really a heart attack.

It was her on going condition with congestive heart failure and chronic pulmonary disease that caused her to be hospitalized. It just became more severe in June 2016.

She claimed that her failing health, aka heart attack, was the result of Trump becoming president. In reality though, it was probably just her health, or the fact her son didn’t win.

Jeb Bush told his mother to just “let it go”, but she acted devastated.

Barbara Bush also said that she could not vote for Trump or Hillary in the election.

Maybe because she didn’t like either one of them, or possibly because her son Jeb Bush lost.

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